Please read thoroughly as we have important information regarding our current policies and procedures during our Green Phase Reopening. Below are a few things we ask of you in order to make this as successful and safe as possible for our community.

Your safety, and the safety of our coaches, remain our primary focus as we move into this phase, so please read through the details and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Our Commitment to You 👍

  1. Keep CFG clean by a weekly professional deep clean and cleaning around class times
  2. Create boxes for workout space and respect athlete spacing while coaching
  3. Responsibly and expertly program daily WODs
  4. Uphold all policies and procedures to ensure health and safety of community

How YOU Can Help Our Community 👍

  1. Respect other’s space by remaining contactless and wearing a mask when not working out or moving around the gym
  2. Wait for coach to direct you to get equipment – do not get any equipment on your own
  3. Wipe down all equipment and your designated area after each class
  4. Wash hands when you arrive, before you leave and use hand-sanitizer provided throughout the gym

Class Schedule


  • CrossFit, Crossfitness and Comp WOD class schedule starts Monday, June 29CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE DETAILS
  • CrossFitness new start time: 6:15pm, offered Monday through Thursday
  • Generation Live! (Zoom classes) remain at 7a, 12p and 5p
  • No Open Gym at this time – it will resume at a later date
  • No extra work allowed before or after class
  • Personal Training and Small Group Training – contact your trainer or contact Jocelyn to get started


  • Fall Session starts September 14th – Registration is live. Contact for details


  • Saturday Zooms will continue until Sept 5th at 10:15a
  • Fall Session starts September 14th – Registration is live. Contact for details

Class Programming

  • Strength days will alternate Monday and Thursday one week and then Tuesday and Friday the next week for Wendler 5-3-1, focusing on deadlift, shoulder press and back squat.  Accessory exercises will include pullups, ring rows, curls, etc. on these days as well.
  • CrossFit conditioning WODs on all other days
  • Crossfitness programming will oppose CrossFit to respect all spaces and equipment

Class Flow and The CFG Facility

  • Classes will be capped at 15 athletes to allow for class predictability and management
  • All members MUST REGISTER for classes in order to participate – we need to regulate class size at this time, so make sure to register for class on Wodify before you arrive
  • Every class participant will have an assigned space for working out – please adhere to the taped boxes on the floor for workouts and flow of traffic
  • Classes will take advantage of outdoor space for workout as much as possible, weather permitting
  • Athletes must wear a mask when entering and moving around the gym, as required with all businesses in PA – you DO NOT need to wear a mask when working out
  • Cleaner will remain in bathrooms – please wipe down after use
  • Please continue to make childcare arrangements outside of CFG
  • You may use the kids room for warm-up before class, but please follow the same social distancing rules that you would in any other space, keeping six feet apart
  • Arrive for class no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of class
  • Refrain from hanging out in the gym after class to respect the space for the next class
  • There will be no open gym and no extra workout time available after or before class
  • We will not have chalk or mobility equipment available for use
  • Fans will be used to allow for airflow in the gym, but do not stand in front of the fans during or after your workout
  • We have Safety Posters and signs hung throughout the gym – Please read them and adhere to the guidelines

Above All Else…

If you are feeling sick, are caring for an ill family member, have been notified you were around someone who tested positive for COVID-19… stay at home. You can join us on Zoom until cleared to return to the gym.  Visit the CDC for the latest guidelines and symptoms if you are unsure about what signs to be aware of with COVID-19. Please consider quarantining if you travel to any of the states listed on PA’s Quarantine List

We will continue to review our policies and procedures every few weeks to ensure the health and safety of our community. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we integrate back into the gym in a systematic and phased approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CrossFit Generation currently accepting new athletes? Yes, please contact for more information on how to get started.

I’m in town for the weekend, can I drop in for a WOD? No, at this time we are not accepting drop-ins.

I want to start working out, but don’t want to be in a gym, can you help me? Yes! We have Virtual Training options as well as Zoom WODs for athletes to get fit at home.

I’d like to start working out, but not sure the group classes are for me. Contact Jocelyn at for Generation Discreet class options.

Do you require mask wearing? Yes, when in common areas inside, please wear your mask. You do not need to wear a mask while working out.