Generation Body Building (GBB) is a program that focuses on building a foundation for the body in regards to structural strength, joint health and stability, and building lean muscle mass.  This foundation is an essential part of becoming a better CrossFit athlete because it focuses on isolated movements that train particular body parts.  Barbells, Dumbbells, and Bands will be the primary tools used with this program.  GBB will help build muscle symmetry to prevent injuries and balance out weaknesses.  The program is a 12 week macro cycle broken down into 3 week long mesocycles.  Barry will work with athletes involved with this program to create their weekly scheduled template.

GBB Templates (The template price offered below is in addition to your monthly CrossFit membership)

Template 1: Bodypart Split Training (3 days per week)

$75 for 12 weeks of programming ($25 per month)

Template 2: Full Body Training (2 days per week)

$60 for 12 weeks of programming ($20 per month)

Generation Bodybuilding should ideally be performed during our Open Gym times to allow for enough space for your training as well as not interrupting our CrossFit classes.  However, we realize that some of the offered times might not work for everyone.  We will work with individuals involved with GBB to find times that work for you.

At this time, this program is for CrossFit Generation members only.  If you are interested, please contact