Week of 4/12/2021

~The kids and open gym area flip flip is underway.  There is still work that needs to be done, but it should be done by week’s end.  Please keep note of the email that was sent out in regards to Open Gym.  We appreciate it.  Thank you.

*Free Meal Prep Nutrition Talk on Wed April 14th at 7pm at CFG and on ZOOM! We will break down the concept of meal prepping and how to simplify the process and what it can mean for YOU. All members and NON-members welcome to join!


Strength (15 minutes)

Back Squat (Week 7)
Warm-up Sets: 50% x 5, 50% + 10lbs x 3 , 50% + 20lbs x 2, 50% + 30lbs x 1, 50% + 40lbs x 1, 50% + 50lbs x 1
Options for volume: If you need to start making 5lb jumps instead of 10, do it.
1) 20 reps @ 50% + 60lbs of current heavy single
2) 2 x 10 reps @ 50% + 60lbs of current heavy single
rest 2 minutes between sets
3) EMOM for 4 minutes: 5 reps @ 50% + 60lbs of current heavy single


7 rounds for time:
Run 200m
10 Devils Press (35-40lbs)(20-25lbs)

WOD NOTES: The end is in sight of the 20 rep program.  I apologize for the lack of sleep being had on Sunday nights because you simply cannot stop thinking about the weight you need to lift the next day 🙂  You got this.  Only jump 5lbs if needed as it states.  And look…Devils Press.  Time domain is 17-22 mins.  Just pace yourself and use the runs for recovery, because that is what they will end up being when you get deep into the WOD.



5 intervals each for time with a 7 min cap:
10 Jerks @ 60% from the rack
15 Situps
20 Calories for men/15 Calories for ladies on either Row/Bike/Ski

WOD NOTES: As the 80’s band Berlin belted out in Top Gun, “Take my breath away”, this is what the above interval dandy is all about.  These are sprints and should be in the range of 2-3:30 minutes in length.  The work to rest ratio we are shooting for is 1:2-1:3.



Muscle-up Instruction
~Low Ring, Banded, Jumping
Hang Power Clean Prep


“Nasty Girls”
3 rounds for time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/93)

WOD NOTES: Now that everyone has a set of rings to play with, let’s start throwing in the some muscle-ups that can be scaled to your ability.  The first part of the day will be going over the progressions and warming up the hang power clean.  The WOD is a very old school headquarters benchmark.  Time domain is between 9-12 minutes or less.  Take note that if you can do ring muscle-ups, choose the old rig with the high rings.  Thank you.



3 rounds each for time of athlete’s choice with a 13 minute cap each round:
Run 1200m
120 Double-Unders
Row 1600m
120 Double-Unders
Bike 4000m
120 Double-Unders
~WOD NOTES: Everyone on the count of 3.  1-2-3…Cardio Day!!  Don’t go guns blazing on round 1.  Pace yourself so that your times all reflect each other.  These are aerobic intervals that are meant to have a 1:1 or less work to rest ratio.  If the 13 minute cap scares you, perform 800s.  Also, if you want to buddy up with someone, you can choose all 3 modalities.


Strength (20 minutes)

Warm-up sets @ 50, 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%
80% x 2 x 5 sets


21-18-15-12-9 reps for time:
Overhead Squat (95/63)

~WOD NOTES:  Positional work is done.  Now we get start sets across with the standard lifts.  Doubles at 80% will feel good, but don’t bump up the weight.  We will get there.  I did the WOD back in February to test drive how fast and smooth it would be to not have to meander to and fro with the new rig.  Well, that worked out.  12:13 was my time.  I felt like my arms were over my head the whole time.  Oh wait, they were.


Suffer Saturday with Mike and Kari