WEEK OF 12/16/19

~The Fall/Winter gear order is set to be delivered on December 19th.  There has been some confusion concerning what people ordered and how much they owe.  Coach Mike organized everything via spreadsheet and the Weidners have it in their office.  Once the gear has arrived and is organized, you will pick it up and pay by venmo or cash upon pickup.  No gear will be handed out without the exchange of funds.  Thank you.

~Registration for our”12 Days of Fitness” on Christmas Eve is now LIVE on the Wodify Calendar.  Head on over the calendar in your app and register for the class time you would like.  There is a 40 person cap per class.  8:00am and 9:30am classes only.  A reminder that this is a partner WOD so do your best to have your partner ready to roll on the 24th



EMOM for 12 minutes:
A. 20 Medball Deadbugs
B. 20 Medball Twists
C. 20 Medball Feet Walk-ups


5 rounds time:
40yd Sled Push (90/70)
40 Double-Unders
10/8 Calorie Row



Band Row/RDL Combo
3 x 10 on each side


20 minutes:
5 Burpees
10 Pullups
15 KB Swings (55)(35)



4 sets:
20 Underhand Band Pull-Aparts in Lunge Stance
10 Band Deadlifts
10 Band Thrusters
rest 1 minute


With a running clock, complete:
1 Thruster minute 1
2 Thrusters minute 2
3 Thrusters minute 3
continue on until you cannot perform the number of thrusters equal to the number of minutes.
Score is total thrusters.

Rx: 95/63
R+: 115/73



3 sets:
12 DB Bulgarian RDLs each leg
30 second side plank each side


2 cycles through for max reps in 3 minutes of each station:
1) Rope Climbs
2) Bike Calories
3) Deadlift @ 40% of max



Bar Dip
5 rep max


Partner WOD
For time split up any way you want to with a partner:
100 Bench Press (135/93)
100 Row Calories

~Both partners can be working at the same time


‘The Grinch”