WEEK OF 4/22/2019


Part A
5 sets
6 Deadlift (increase weight as appropriate each set)
6 Rower Pikes

Part B
3 Rounds of
100 Single Unders
20 KB One Arm Swings
20 DB Renegade Rows
20 Pallof Press


Part A
EMOTM for 10 min
Wall Balls
(Start at 5 wall balls and add 1 wall ball each min for 10 mins)

Part B
One Round
800m Row
30 Ab Mat Situps
600m Row
20 Ab Mat Situps
400m Row
10 Ab Mat Situps
200m Row


Part A
AMRAP in 12 mins
20 yd Heavy Sled Push (Body Weight)
Turf Run 80yd

Part B
2 x 2 min Intervals
DB Clean and Press
20yd Shuttle Runs


Part A
3 Sets
10 Pledge Push Ups
10 Shoulder Press
20 sec Plank Hold

Part B
400m Run then,
3 Rounds of
10 Plank Plate Walk ups (5 per arm)
15 DB Push Press
10 Plank Plate Step ups (5 per leg)
Finish with 400m Run