WEEK OF 6/17/2019


Part A
EMOTM for 8 mins (Increase weight every 2 mins as reps decrease. Work form/technique)
Min 1-2: 3 Hang Clean and Jerks
Min 3-4: 2 Hang Clean and Jerks
Min 5-6: 1 Hang Clean and Jerk
Min 7-8: 1 Hang Clean and Jerk

Part B
50-40-30-20-10 reps
Double Unders (2x Single Unders)
Sit Ups (1/2 reps)
Burpees (1/2 reps)


Part A
5 Sets
6 Goblet Squats
12 Hanging Knee Raises (work on starting in proper hanging hollow rock position)

Part B
3 Rounds
Run 400m
21 KB Swings
12 Pull Ups/Ring Rows


Part A
Work for 10 mins
Accumulate 30 Ring or Bar Dips (Modify with push ups as needed)
30 sec Plank Hold during rest periods

Part B
AMRAP in 8 mins
Row 25om
10 Bench Press (barbell or DBs)
AMRAP in 8 mins
Row 250m
Plank Walk Ups


Part A
4 Sets
8 Deadlifts (barbell or KB)
40 yd Sled Push
Rest as needed between sets

Part B
8 Sargon Hill Sprints (2 easy, 2 med, 2 med hard, 2 hard)

Tabata Side Planks