Week of 3/12/18


KIDS: 5pm
SKILL: DB Snatch
WOD: Two Tabata Mashups (12 sets total each mashup, not 16)
#1- One Arm DB Snatch and Ab Mat Situps
#2- HR Push Ups and Jump Rope
GAME: CFG Pictionary

TEENS: 7pm
STRENGTH: Test Hang Snatch
WOD: Tabata Mash Ups (16 sets total for each mashup)
#1- HR Push Ups and Ring Rows
#2- Jump Rope and Ab Mat Situps


KIDS: 5pm
SKILL: KB Swings
WOD: AMRAP in 6 mins
6 KB Swings
12 Rev Lunges
6 Hanging Knee Raises

TEENS: 7pm
STRENGTH: Test Back Squat
WOD: AMRAP in 12 mins
40 yd Sandbag Carry
10 KB Swings
10 Burpees


KIDS: 10:30am
SKILL: Wall Balls
WOD: Partner Work
AMRAP #1 for 4 mins
Partner A does 10 Wall Balls
Partner B does Plank Hold
Then Switch back and forth for 4 mins
AMRAP #2 for 4 mins
Partner A does 3 Lying Rope Climbs
Partner B does Agility Ladder Drills
GAME: CFG Bowling

TEENS: 11:00am
STRENGTH: Test Floor Press
WOD: 18.4 CFG Teens Version
To Be Announced Thursday night… stay tuned.