CrossFit Generation training sessions will begin with general and specific warm-up and injury prevention drills.  From there, we start athletes with light loads to assess the population and begin to get to know each athlete’s fitness level and ability.  We progress everyone through the program appropriately based on their abilities while giving options for various levels. We focus on form, technique, and create challenging yet manageable workouts to teach the importance of hard work. We accomplish all of this while maintaining a fun and safe atmosphere.  All sessions end with a cool-down and stretch. Education on healthy living outside of workouts with emphasis on healthy, balanced nutrition and the importance of adequate sleep in order to maximize results will be discussed also when applicable.


  • Introduce young athletes to a fun and healthy activity and potentially lifelong hobby of fitness.
  • Focus on injury prevention through general strength and conditioning to become more prepared for the physical demands of their sport.
  • Educate athletes on the importance of exercise and highlight importance of healthy nutrition.
  • Boost self-esteem, work ethic, camaraderie and confidence.
  • Improve overall sport performance as an athlete through body awareness, proper technique and form