Welcome to the Core Rehabilitation Program! We are so happy you found us!

Jocelyn Weidner and Dr Kelly Conard have over 30 years of combined experience in the health and wellness industry. In addition to their professional experiences, Jocelyn (mom of 3) and Kelly (mom of 2) are both CrossFit athletes themselves and understand the importance of rebuilding a core as both have worked out during their pregnancies and rehabbed post-partum in order to return to full exercise successfully.

Jocelyn Weidner, Co-Owner CrossFit Generation
Health and Exercise Science, Gettysburg College
CSCS, NSCA CPT, CF-L2, CrossFit Kids, Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach

Kelly Conard, Owner of Prevail Physical Therapy
Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Arcadia University

This 12-week core rehabilitation program created by these two women includes:

  • A safe and effective phased approach to rebuilding your core from a surgery or post-partum.
  • Access to an app that will take you through all the phases at your own pace.
  • Videos for all exercises in each phase and instructions on how to do all the exercises.
  • Wellness Tips and Education built into each phase.
  • Messaging system to access us for questions.
  • Virtual or in-person 20-minute midway check-in.
  • Expect to be stronger and ready to return to exercise once your doctor has cleared you to do so upon completion of this program.

What people are saying:
“Since the core rehab program worked so well for me after the birth of my son, it was a no-brainer to do it again after having my daughter 17 months later. I wanted to feel comfortable in my strength and set the foundation to begin to exercise again!” 

“The sets of exercises that was put together were carefully selected and targeted specifically to boost my recovery and healing. We started with the gentlest, but very important movements that helped my body to restore its “brain to muscle” connections. Throughout the process, they showed they cared!”

Questions? Contact us: Jocelyn@crossfitgeneration.net or prevail.pt616@gmail.com
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Medical Disclaimer: With purchase of this program, you acknowledge that you are voluntarily participating in the program at your own risk. The program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or consultations with your healthcare provider team. If, at any time, you find discomfort with the program, consult your physician.