What is Generation Fitness & Athletics/CrossFit Generation?

Generation Fitness & Athletics/CrossFit Generation was established by co-owners Barry and Jocelyn Weidner.  Their vision was to bring the method of CrossFit training to Montgomery County and surrounding areas.  Barry and Jocelyn have 35+ years combined experience in the fitness industry training people from ages 7-77.

The CrossFit method of training not only produces elevated fitness levels, increases strength, endurance, flexibility and decreases body fat, but it also increases self-confidence, overall health, energy and productivity in academic and workplace settings.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a style of training that incorporates a broad spectrum of fitness modalities including gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, power lifting, running, rowing, biking and a variety of other conditioning tools to increase the 10 component of complete physical fitness:  strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, power, speed, balance, coordination, agility, and accuracy.  CrossFit has been officially tested and proven more effective and safer than traditional physical training models

What’s a typical training session all about?

Group training is designed and lead by certified CrossFit coaches and that take you through a warm-up, instruction of movements and the workout of the day.  Instruction, proper form and coaching cues are the unique properties of each workout at CrossFit Generation compared to the local commercial club.  That specialized workout and instruction sets us apart and guarantees each person to get a solid workout every session.

Workouts are scaled for every level making CrossFit Generation training appropriate for all levels.

Who can join- is it only for athletes or highly conditioned people?

Because our workouts can be scaled for each individual’s fitness level, anyone can join in on the fun! The only requirements are that you are willing to work hard, learn new things, have a positive attitude and have the desire and passion to let us help you reach your fitness goals.   You will succeed and see great results.  We train individuals of all ages and love to coach anyone who desires to get into the best shape of their life.

What about Nutrition?

Check out our Generation Nutrition program here.

What should I bring with me to a CrossFit Generation training session?

Training may occur in the gym or outdoors, so proper workout clothing (light layers in colder weather) is recommended. Athletic footwear is required. Bring water and a towel, otherwise, just ready to work and work hard!

What should I expect if I train with you?

Training with us will produce results.  In addition to results, your coaches guarantee that you will get the best training and coaching each and every session you train with us. We realize how busy everyones lives can be and know there are other places to train.  Our promise to you is the utmost professionalism and coaching, motivation to reach your physical potential, responsible programming, and an unmatched atmosphere!

It is impossible to predict exact rates at which individuals may progress. Everyone evolves at different speeds and in different ways as the body make-up has the ultimate control. Progression depends first and foremost on commitment to us and consistency in the training sessions, but also on gender, age, health history, genetics, nutrition, sleep habits, life stressors- work or school, HOWEVER, it does happen.

Where are you located?

Generation Fitness & Athletics/CrossFit Generation is located at:
417 Caredean Drive, Units D & E
Horsham, PA 19044

Can I contact you directly if I still have questions?

Feel free to contact our coaches at anytime. If we are in a training session we will be sure to return your call or email as soon as we can! Of course you are welcome to come to the gym in person and see what we are all about during our scheduled group training.