Crossfitness WODS: Week of November 28, 2022

Monday 11/28- 6pm

PART A3 x 10 repsBand DeadliftsBand Pull-ApartsBand Shoulder Press
PART BRow Your Boat (CFG Benchmark)3 x 500m Row Sprint
Rest 3 minutes between sprints

Tuesday 11/29- 6pm

PART ASplit Stance Squats 8 x 2 reps (2 per side)
PART BAMRAP in 15 mins5 Pull-Ups10 Push-Ups15 Squats 

Wednesday 11/30- 6pm

PART A4 x 30 second stationsSupine Flutter KicksSide Plank R
Side Plank L
PART B3 RoundsBike 1200m
15 KB ½ Swings
30 Hanging Knee Raises

Thursday 12/1- 6pm

PART APull Ups 8 x 2 reps or 10 mins working on progressions
PART B4 Rounds20 Wall Balls40yd Sled Push60 Dubs/120 Single Unders

Friday 12/2- 8am

PART A5 Sets3 Deadlifts + 2 Hang Power Cleans + 1 Shoulder to Overhead
3 Sets3 Lying Rope Climbs1 min plank hold
3 Sets10 Plank Walk-Ups20 Bench Jump Overs
3 Sets20yd Walking Lunges20yd Suicide Runs