BJ Platt –
HSN Family Nutrition Certified

About Family Nutrition

A healthy lifestyle is a family affair. Getting the entire family on board is the key to success for everyone. At Generation Nutrition we believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. We work with kids and parents to help the entire family develop a plan to eat healthy and create lasting healthy habits.

How It Works

Your family will sit down with our nutrition coach to find out what your current habits are. This meeting will also help the nutrition coach find areas of potential growth. You will then work with your coach to develop steps to guide you towards a healthy lifestyle. Biweekly meetings will be set up to help keep your family on track and gain the knowledge necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

Membership Rates

Kids and Teens Nutrition

$149 for the first month, then $99/month ongoing

Family Nutrition

$249 for the first month, then $149/month ongoing