Why personal training? Perhaps you have unique goals or are looking to train for a specific event. Maybe you have a small group with similar goals and want to train together on your own schedule with a workout crafted specifically for YOU. Every body is different and has different needs. Personal training is a great way to reach fitness goals because when working one-on-one with a trainer, you will be challenged in ways you never would challenge yourself while working out alone.  In addition, the accountability of scheduling sessions with a trainer keeps your training focused and consistent – two key components to successfully reaching goals in a timely manner.

And, here are more reasons to choose personal training!

  • Build a base individually and privately with an ultimate end goal of joining CFG classes
  • Focus training to be completely tailored toward your personal goals whether you’re a seasoned athlete or beginner to exercise
  • Help develop specific areas of fitness in need of improvement
  • Rebuild or rehab post injury, pregnancy or a long stint away from exercise
  • Gather a group and work on a specific end goal like running a 5k or training for a specific event




To start, we will discuss goals, health history and then begin to create a plan for you that fits your specific needs.

Cancellation Policy

All personal training sessions require a minimum 3-hour cancellation.  If you notify one of our personal trainers less than 3 hours prior to that session to cancel, you will be charged for that session.  We appreciate your respect and understanding for our trainers time and efforts.