Attention coaches and parents! Are you looking for a strength and conditioning program to improve your team’s athletic performance? Generation Fitness & Athletics Team Training is exactly what you are looking for!

This program includes teaching fundamental skills and movements essential for sport. The coaches, Bryan Whiteside, Barry Weidner and Jocelyn Weidner are passionate about teaching athletes the importance of fitness and exercise. Our team training program is the ideal way for your athletes to develop camaraderie as a team, build trust and confidence as a unit, improve strength and conditioning levels to elicit high performance levels for competition. We do this by improving on the 10 components of overall fitness:


Sessions Include

  • Warm-up and Injury Prevention Movements
  • Speed/Agility Work
  • Strength/Power Training
  • Conditioning Drills
  • Flexibility Stretches

During each session, time will be spent learning every component of the movement and we will focus on proper positioning and form. These movements will also be incorporated into the workout of the day and will always include strength and conditioning components. Workouts are developed to help teammates work together, encourage each other and bond outside of practice and competition. We build STRONG teams both mentally and physically for the individual units and the team as a whole.

“While working with the staff at Generation Fitness & Athletics for the past 4 years, my team has achieved unparalleled successes both in and out of the pool.  The coaching staff  emphasizes the fundamentals and techniques of strength and conditioning training while providing a safe, effective, and individualized workout for each of our athletes. Workouts are planned so that every athlete can achieve personal success while training together as a team.  As a coach, I must say that the results have simply been amazing!”  – Kip Emig, Hatboro-Horsham High School Swimming Coach

Contact Bryan Whiteside today for more information on how to schedule your team’s training sessions at CFG at